If you’re a fan of Cadbury Creme Eggs then this dip is a must-make for spring! Use your favorite holiday chocolate (or even cookies or pretzels) for dipping.

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Cadbury creme egg dip made from scratch.

About Cadbury Creme Egg Dip

Not gonna lie, I’m very excited about this recipe, and it’s probably the same reason that brought you here:

I’m absolutely obsessed with Cadbury Creme Eggs. No, not even obsessed – that’s far too mild a term. I am happily addicted to these delicious little candies and have been since I was a kid.

And this Cadbury Creme Egg Dip? It’s everything I love about the candies and more.

This dip is made completely from scratch, so you can enjoy Cadbury’s iconic taste even in the middle of summer or winter.

If you use mini chocolate bars for dipping (which I highly recommend) the taste is spot on for classic the creme eggs.

But be warned: the dip is sticky and gooey, just like the candy eggs it pays homage to, though the whipped cream goes a long way in softening it up for easy dipping.

Cadbury creme egg candies resting on decorative paper.

What to serve with dessert dip?

When serving this creme egg dip, I like to use little bars of chocolate, since it’s the best match if you’re trying to capture the same taste as the candy.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to serve it with chocolate. There are plenty of other options I’ve found work great with most dessert dips.

Below are a few of my favorites.

This list could go on and on. If you find a new combination for dipping, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Dipping chocolate candy into cadbury creme egg dip.

Can you make this dip in advance?

Yes, you can make this in advance, but it may be tricky. What I recommend:

  • Prepare the dip as instructed, but store the white and orange portions of the dip in separate sealed containers in the refrigerator.
  • If at all possible, try to bring a hand mixer with you (or have access to one where you’re serving the dip). This is just a precaution in case any of the dip separates and needs a quick 1-2 minute whip to get everything incorporated and smooth again.
  • If the dip feels very firm and too hard to scoop, let it sit at room temperature for 30 minutes.
  • Assemble the two portions of dip and serve!

How long can you leave out a dessert dip?

Whenever you serve a dip for your guests to enjoy, you should always keep track of how long it sits at room temperature. Perishable items can be tricky and this recipe does include butter and Cool Whip.

For most foods, the general rule of thumb is that a perishable item should not be in the “danger zone” for more than two hours. And by “danger zone”, this is usually at or just above room temperature, which is how this dip will be served.

As the party goes on, you can move your dip back to the refrigerator once you get past the two-hour mark. If your guests still want more dip, let it chill for at least 30 minutes before bringing it back out again.

Chocolate dipped in cadbury dip and pulled upward.

Notes & tips for this creme egg dip

  • For this recipe, I highly recommend using a stand mixer or a hand mixer. This recipe would be difficult to make by hand with a whisk.

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How to make Cadbury Creme Egg Dip

This next part is only a photo tutorial of the recipe steps. If you’re looking for the full recipe measurements and instructions, scroll down to Recipe Details.

Step 1 – Using a stand mixer (or hand mixer + large bowl), add the light corn syrup, butter, and vanilla extract. Whip them together until the butter breaks down and blends with the syrup.

Step 2 – Turn the mixer to low and pour in the powdered sugar. Mix until the sugar is fully incorporated and the mixture is thick.

Step 3 – Turn off the mixer, scoop in the Cool Whip, then turn the mixer back on. Blend the dip until the Cool Whip has fully incorporated with the sugar mixture.

Step 4 – Separate a small portion of the dip in a little bowl.

Step 5 – Add some yellow or orange food coloring to the smaller bowl, then mix well. Add as much or as little color as you’d like.

Step 6 – Pour the larger portion of the dip (with no color) into a serving bowl of your choice and create a well in the top center. Scoop the smaller orange/yellow colored portion into the well.

Step 7 – Serve and enjoy!

Recipe Details

Cadbury Creme Egg Dip! If you're a fan of Cadbury Creme Eggs then this dip is a must-make for spring! Use your favorite holiday chocolate (or even cookies or pretzels) for dipping. | HomemadeHooplah.com
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Cadbury Creme Egg Dip

10 minutes prep
213 kcal
Yields: 10 servings
If you’re a fan of Cadbury Creme Eggs then this dip is a must-make for spring! Use your favorite holiday chocolate (or even cookies or pretzels) for dipping.



  • Using a stand mixer (or a hand mixer + large bowl), beat the corn syrup, unsalted butter, and vanilla extract on medium high speed until smooth. Mixture will be very sticky; this is okay.
  • Drop mixer speed to low and slowly scoop in powdered sugar, about 1/2 cup at a time, until sugar is incorporated and mixture is thick.
  • Turn off mixture and add Cool Whip to bowl, then resume mixing at low speed until smooth, about 3-4 minutes. Stop mixer and use a spatula to thoroughly scrape around the sides, then beat again for another 3-4 minutes. If needed, repeat with scraping and mixing until the sticky sugar mix is completely combined with the Cool Whip.
  • Remove about 1/4 of the dip and place in a small serving bowl. Mix in orange food coloring, 1 drop at a time, until desired color is reached. For mine, I used 4 drops of gel food coloring. When finished, set bowl nearby.
  • Scoop the remaining dip into a serving bowl of your choice. Make a small well in the top where the orange dip will go.
  • Spoon orange dip into the well you created in the white dip.
  • Serve dip immediately with milk or dark chocolate candy bars for dipping.


Serving: 1serving | Calories: 213kcal | Carbohydrates: 44g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 5g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 13mg | Sodium: 24mg | Potassium: 27mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 42g | Vitamin A: 145IU | Calcium: 27mg | Iron: 1mg

I do my best to provide nutrition information, but please keep in mind that I’m not a certified nutritionist. Any nutritional information discussed or disclosed in this post should only be seen as my best amateur estimates of the correct values.

Author: Chrisy

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    • Jennifer
    • 5 stars

    I have made this the past two Easters…mostly for me but the kids love it too! I’m going to try the Hot Chocolate Dip for my daughter’s birthday party this weekend and can’t wait.

    • Elizabeth

    Hi there! So excited to come across this recipe! (I missed this year’s creme eggs, alas.) I’m curious: is there a reason you use Cool Whip rather than real whipped cream? Is it just about convenience, or is there something specific to Cool Whip that’s needed for the recipe to work? I ask b/c I’m really not a fan of Cool Whip (it tastes chemical-y to me), but if there’s something specific about Cool Whip that’s important to the structure or consistency of this recipe, well, then that’s important to know! Many thanks for sharing your creation. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

    • Hey Elizabeth! For this recipe, Cool Whip is mostly for convenience, but it also has an extremely thick texture that might be hard to recreate with homemade whipped cream. I personally haven’t tried it, but if you can make an extra thick and sweetened homemade whipped cream (maybe add extra cornstarch?) should do the trick.

    • Mary from Michigan

    Omg!! I think I have truly died and gone straight to candy land!!! I cannot wait to make this!! The are my absolute favorite holiday goodie of all! Thanks so much for this simplified version of the copycat recipe (which is far too complicated and doesn’t sound nearly as fun). The possibilities are endless with this fun dip!! Can’t wait to share it with my family on Easter!!

    • Crosspatch

    OMG YUM!!!! I love this… Just wondering if you could exchange Stabilized Whipped Cream for the Cool Whip? I’m want to take this to a party for my study group.

    • Rodney
    • 5 stars

    This as well as the other comments sounds outstanding! I cant wait to try it out as a topping on a batch of fudge brownies..

    • Mindy

    This is ridiculously good! I missed out on the Cadbury eggs because they were sold out at all the stores near me. I’ve been looking forward to making this all week, and just made it. I just hope I don’t finish it off before my an old friend of mine gets to try some.

    • 😀 I’m so glad you liked it Mindy! I stocked up on Cadbury eggs right after the holiday, but they’ll only last so long… the dip will help get us through the year 😀

    • Patti

    OMG. I now have a love – hate relationship with you.

    • Sorry not sorry Patti 😀 This dip is worth it!

    • jen

    could you refrigerate this to take to a potluck?

    • Hey Jen! Sorry it took me a shamefully long time to get back to you. Yes, you could refrigerate the dip, though it should be thawed a bit before serving.

    • Angela

    Thank you so much for this! I was heart broken when I found out Cadbury eggs were a no-no for celiacs. Now I can have this and not get sick. Happy dance!

    • Wow, I never realized that about the Cadbury eggs! I certainly hope this dip comes close to filling the void 🙂

    • Jennifer

    Oh my goodness!!! This is life changing!!! I am also happily addicted to my cadbury’s!! Definitely making this!!! Thanks so much!

    • Joan Johnson

    You need to use Cadbury chocolate instead of Hershey.

    • I totally agree Joan! When I was setting up for this shoot, I had trouble finding bars of Cadbury chocolate at my local grocery store, so I settled for the Hershey bars. At least they had festive spring wrappers 🙂

    • Elizabeth beckenhauer

    Hi! Maybe this question doesn’t really need an answer because I’m adding the answer already….but I try to make my food with as little dairy as possible, because my body doesn’t process it well, and was wondering if anyone has given you a vegan version that works well? I was thinking substitute earth balance vegan butter and So Delicious brand frozen whip topping, and assumed it would do the trick. I too have an addiction to Easter candy and it always makes me feel ill.

    • Jan

    I’m so excited to a sweet dip that doesn’t have cream cheese in it (I hate cream cheese), but I’m thinking why limit my dippers to chocolate? Graham crackers, Nilla Wafers & fruit would all be great dipped in this. But if you are still thinking chocolate try fudge stripped cookies, yummy!!! Can’t wait to get dipping.

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean about the cream cheese! It has great consistency for dips, but it’s nearly impossible to cover up that tart taste. I made sure NOT to have it in this recipe for that very reason 🙂 And I love your dipping ideas – all of them sound great!

    • Amanda

    Oh my gosh, what a cool idea! I love it!

    • bonnie mercs

    I am gonna make this looks sooo good! I can’t wait to try it! Thanks Dee!!!

    • Denay DeGuzman

    Wow! This is one recipe that’s guaranteed to generate excitement at Easter Brunch and at parties all year round. I love that it’s quick and easy to make. Thank you so much for sharing this unique Cadbury-Creme-Egg inspiration. I’m pinning an image to Pinterest right now! 🙂

    • Tamara

    Oh my goodness, this could be dangerous to make. <3

    • I know, right? I had to invite the neighbors over to save me from myself!

    • Jennifer

    A bite of that would be delish!