Classic eggnog made with egg yolks, cream, milk, a heavy pour of rum, and thickened with whipped egg whites. Serve it chilled with a dash of nutmeg on top.

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Homemade Eggnog! Classic eggnog made with egg yolks, cream, milk, a heavy pour of rum, and thickened with whipped egg whites. Serve it chilled with a dash of nutmeg on top. |

About Homemade Eggnog

Chilly weather will soon be on the way, and in my house, that means plenty of evenings curled up by the fire with a big glass of homemade eggnog.

This is the first year I’ve ever set out to make this beverage at home, and as always, the whole experience has left me wondering why it took me so long to do it.

You’d think I’d have figured it out by now that the homemade version is almost always better than store-bought. I mean, food blog and all, right? But it still never ceases to amaze me. It’s like discovering that everything I’ve known all my life is a lie. And considering I’m so food obsessed, yes, food really does make up the “everything” in my life.

But, I digress. You’re not here to listen to me wrestle with a lesson I should have already learned. You’re here to make the most festive drink of the season, and now that I’ve seen the light, I’m here to help!

How to make homemade eggnog with rum.

When it comes to eggnog, I think we all fall into one of two categories:

Either you think it’s a crime that eggnog is only “socially acceptable” a few months out of the year…  OR you’re the type that sees eggnog in the grocery store in August and you’re left wondering who in their right mind would be buying eggnog before it’s – 30 degrees F out.

Well, if you haven’t noticed by now, that would be me. I’m that person who stocks her fridge with eggnog in August.

But this year, I think I’m going to stick to home brewing.

And considering how easy this traditional eggnog recipe is to whip up, it looks like I’ll never be without a tall glass in the evenings!

Another great perk of having this festive drink around is all the holiday baking that can be done. It’s delicious on its own, sure, but it also adds amazing flavor to baked goods.

Because what better way is there to enjoy eggnog than with an eggnog bundt cake or eggnog dip?

Easy homemade eggnog recipe.

And as for how this recipe turned out?

As you can probably already tell from my shameless enthusiasm, I loved it. I even went a little crazy and used a whole cup of rum in mine, because why not? There has to be some perks to being the resident chef, amirite?!

The only thing I’m a little bummed about is that an old friend of mine does not like eggnog, no matter where it’s from or how it’s made, so right now I only have my own opinion to go on of how good this recipe is. I mean, I feel pretty confident from my years of experience, but I’m curious to know what others will think.

So if you do include this holiday drink recipe in your plans this season, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Does eggnog have raw egg in it?

This eggnog recipe is made the classic way, which means that it does use eggs and it is not cooked.

I know the idea of drinking raw eggs can be a little scary, but the secret to your safety is in the rum. Because bacteria, including Salmonella, cannot live in alcohol. And the more rum you use, the longer the eggnog will stay fresh in your fridge (heck, it may even get better with time!)

If you’d like to read more about why it’s safe to drink classic eggnog recipes like this one, check out this article: Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Eggnog.

How long will homemade eggnog last?

When adding rum to your eggnog, keep in mind that how much rum you use will determine not only the flavor but also how long the eggnog will stay fresh in your refrigerator.

For example, if you use 1/2 cup rum, the eggnog should keep for up to three days in a sealed container.

And if you use 1 cup or more, the eggnog should keep for a few weeks and even thicken a little over time.

Can you make eggnog without the rum?

Because this particular recipe uses raw eggs, I cannot recommend making it without the rum.

If the alcohol is a concern, search for an eggnog recipe that is cooked and substitute the rum for a rum emulsion.

Notes & tips for how to make eggnog

  • I do want to point out that I only have experience with making classic, uncooked eggnog, so I don’t have alternate instructions for cooking it. Sorry!
  • For the best results, make sure the eggs you use are very fresh. A simple trick I use is to grab an egg carton from the back of the cooler; these are usually fresher than the eggs in the front of the case.
  • Like the glasses that are used in these photos? They’re great for all types of drinks! You can get a set here: Bormioli Rocco Essenza Water Glasses.

More great eggnog recipes

Eggnog with rum that isn't cooked.

Recipe Details

Homemade Eggnog! Classic eggnog made with egg yolks, cream, milk, a heavy pour of rum, and thickened with whipped egg whites. Serve it chilled with a dash of nutmeg on top. |
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Homemade Eggnog

25 mins prep + 1 hr Chill TIme
490 kcal
Yields: 6 cups
Classic eggnog made with egg yolks, cream, milk, a heavy pour of rum, and thickened with whipped egg whites. Serve it chilled with a dash of nutmeg on top.


  • 6 large egg, very fresh
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 1/2 cup whole milk
  • 1/2 cup rum, see post above for more info
  • 1 pinch ground nutmeg, optional, for garnish


  • Crack open eggs and separate the egg whites from the yolks into two bowls. See above video for example.
  • Cover bowl with egg whites with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator until needed.
  • In the bowl with the egg yolks, add sugar and whisk until consistency is smooth and mixture is a creamy sunshine yellow in color.
  • Pour in heavy whipping cream, whole milk, and rum and whisk until combined. See above recipe notes about how much rum you should (or can) use.
  • Cover bowl with mixed eggnog with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for at least one hour.
  • When ready to serve eggnog, remove egg whites from refrigerator. Using a stand mixer (or hand mixer + large bowl), whip eggwhites until stiff peaks form, about 5-8 minutes.
  • Add whipped egg whites to the bowl with the eggnog and gently fold to mix until clumps are mostly gone and eggnog is thick and creamy.
  • Serve eggnog immediately with sprinkled nutmeg on top. If making eggnog in advance, judge how long it can be stored based on how much rum is used. If you used 1/2 cup of rum, eggnog can be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container for up to 3 days. If you used 1 cup or more of rum, eggnog should last for several weeks in the refrigerator and will thicken more over time.


Calories: 490kcal | Carbohydrates: 38g | Protein: 9g | Fat: 28g | Saturated Fat: 16g | Cholesterol: 273mg | Sodium: 126mg | Potassium: 194mg | Sugar: 36g | Vitamin A: 1245IU | Vitamin C: 0.3mg | Calcium: 136mg | Iron: 0.9mg

I do my best to provide nutrition information, but please keep in mind that I'm not a certified nutritionist. Any nutritional information discussed or disclosed in this post should only be seen as my best amateur estimates of the correct values.

Author: Chrisy

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